“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

- George R.R. Martin

Hey! Welcome to another edition of GAS Politics.

Boy oh boy, do we have a feast of topics for you? It’s been an exciting and eventful first half of 2014 as the world’s most infamous politicians give us lots to write about. We at GAS cannot wait to see how the Ukraine’s battle with the Russians and NATO’s possible involvement plays out. Then there’s the Vatican’s new and lovable Pope, the possibility of saying goodbye to a ‘free’ internet and the never-ending cut and thrust of ‘intellectual’ debate in Washington.

Closer to home, we have all the juicy bits about the post-election manoeuvring, Boko Haram (#Bringbackourgirls), the unfolding drama that surrounds the Marikana miners and many more tantalising topics. Our writers have worked hard to bring you an all-inclusive issue of GAS Politics.

This will be our last GAS issue for a few months as we will be preparing to go out and conquer the ‘big world’. Thank you for your support and allowing us to bring you a jammed-packed magazine each time. It has definitely been a highlight of our studies and we get to look back at the GAS Magazine with pride. There are so many people that need to be thanked but I will try and be as short and sweet (hah) as possible.

To my team (writers, subs, image finders): woah! It has been one crazy week… I have never received or sent so many emails before! Thank you for your diligence and hard work (most times).

Special mention has to be made to the editorial and design team: YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you for making my job easier and worth it! Whether it was working ‘til five A.M., always checking up on me, always being on stand-by to help solve whatever problem reared its ugly little wrinkled head… Arehan Brand, Chelsey Hawkins, Lee-Anne Rodrigues, Lynn Butler and Matthew Alexander were always there… Nathan Roets with his usual calming influence and Brian Akerman played ‘Enforcer’ when I could not.

It has been a nerve-wrecking but enriching experience and I hope you enjoy the result… look out for our by-lines in the future. Thank you!


“Times are bad. Children do not listen to their parents. And everyone is writing a book.” 

- Cicero


Alice Paulse

Editor-in-Chief of GAS Politics

To Charles King for your motivational talks and adding a lil' crazy into our lives. You're a inspiration to all!